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Opened April 4, 2019

Zcash Meme Contest

0.15Β ZEC bounty

Create a πŸ”₯ Zcash meme. (How do you do, fellow kids?)

A silly contest inspired by the "Zcash Content Farm β€” Memetic Department" thread on the Zcash Community Forum. I can't wait to see what y'all come up with!

Zcash Prizes

Short version: $10 worth of ZEC per winner, up to 5 winners.

ZF Grants is still on testnet, but I'll send the mainnet ZEC equivalent of $10 USD β€” roughly 0.15 ZEC right now β€” to each creator of a top-20% entry, capped at 5 people. More entries = more winners, up to 25 entries.

Each winning meme will be highlighted on the Zcash Foundation's Twitter account (and possibly elsewhere too).

To be eligible for a ZEC prize, you must be willing to share your legal identity with the Zcash Foundation. Further payout details can be found at the end of the RFP.

How to Enter

Make a Zcash meme! Use the amount of time and effort that you feel is appropriate. Then include the meme, or link to it, in your proposal. Edit: To get around the required minimum, enter 1 ZEC as your target amount. If you create more than one meme, please include them all in your entry! Just specify the one that you want me to judge.

One entry per ZF Grants account. (I will do my best to enforce this, but my ability to do so may be limited. Prizes will definitely go to unique individuals.)

For the purposes of this contest, a meme is a lighthearted or unserious image that is intended to be shared socially on the internet. It can include text, but that isn't required. New memes often remix imagery or themes from previous memes, and that's fine in this contest, as long as the Zcash flavor comes through. (Here is a simple example.) Meme innovation is also encouraged!

Entries that are disrespectful, NSFW, or otherwise inappropriate will not be considered. Feel free to consult the ZF Grants CoC for guidance, or email if you want to check whether a certain idea is okay. Avoid graphic scatological humor. Mild profanity ("hell," "damn," etc.) is acceptable, but slurs and more serious curse words are not.

Judging Criteria

How much do I, Sonya Mann, appreciate the meme? Extra credit if you feature the zeal mascot πŸ¦“πŸ¦“πŸ¦“


The contest ends on Friday, April 12. I will announce the winner(s) within a couple of days.

Payout Details

The Zcash Foundation is a United States nonprofit, so we have to conduct KYC when giving people money. (Once ZF Grants is on mainnet, users will be able to receive ZEC pledged by other users without KYC, but still won't be able to receive Foundation bounties or funds-matching without KYC.)

Prizes must be received at a shielded Sapling address. The Zcash Foundation recommends using ZecWallet.

One payout scenario:

  • 10 entries
  • 20% of 10 = 2
  • Total payout: $20 (ZEC equivalent)

Another one:

  • 23 entries
  • 20% of 23 = 4.6, round up to 5
  • Total payout: $50 (ZEC equivalent)

Last one:

  • 28 entries
  • 20% of 28 = 5.6, round up to 6
  • …but that's past the cap of 5, so the total payout is still: $50 (ZEC equivalent)

Hopefully that makes it clear.

  • Accepted proposals will be funded up to 0.15Β ZEC
  • Proposal submissions end April 12, 2019