ZF Grants 2.1


Since the launch of ZF Grants 2.0, it has been brought to our attention that public review of proposals before they are accepted is no longer possible.

To address this, a new state “Open for Public Review” will be created. All proposals will pass through this state before either receiving funding from ZF, having changes requested from the ZF, or being rejected for funding from the ZF.

Proposals in this state will be visible to the Zcash community and open for commenting, but won’t yet be funded and will still be able to have changes requested to them by the Zcash Foundation. Edits to the proposal will be triggered upon Admin determination to request changes. The revised proposal will replace the previous instance of the proposal while continuing to persist comments made from prior instances of that proposal.

Proposals that are in an “Open for Public Review” state exit that state via Admin determination that the proposal will either be funded (“Accepted with Funding”) or not funded (“Accepted without Funding”).

Who's behind this?

The Grant.io team. We've developed and and actively maintain the ZF Grants platform.

Estimates of Work

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Pricing & Total Estimate

Billing at a rate of $140 per hour, and a total project estimate of 90 hours, we estimate this project will total in at ~$12,600. This takes the above hour estimates, totalling 80 hours, with the addition of 10 hours for feedback and changes. While the estimate may be exceeded due to unforeseen challenges, the Grant.io team will not exceed billing $18,900 for delivery to specification.


Operating using a standard “agile” methodology, the Grant.io team will deliver iterative development over a bi-weekly sprint cycle. The Grant.io team will set a goal to deliver ZF Grants 2.1 over a 2 sprint cycle, or approximately 1 month from kick-off. With a tentative February 3rd kick off date, ZF Grants 2.1 would be targeted for production launch by March 2nd.


4 months ago
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Feature development
Testing, Feedback, and Deployment

Testing, Feedback, and Deployment

Estimate: April 2020
Reward: $13,366.5
The team was awarded $13,366.5 in ZEC on Apr 8th, 2020, 5:40 pm.
Any changes requested by the ZF will be performed during as part of this milestone, as well as production readiness testing.