Crypto Camp in the South Bronx

The Crypto Community Project Ambassador Program is a four-week certification crypto-immersive experience aimed at educating youth in the South Bronx on many aspects of the blockchain space while addressing the “soft skills” gap; from building miners to smart contracts, it will be a crypto-vocational school in the truest sense. Along with technical aspects, we will also address the “skills gap” by creating an economic incentive; we will pay students in cryptocurrency to attend and learn. The coursework will be blockchain-focused but also include the humanities, finance and legal aspects as all are important for understanding the ecosystem. The initiative presents an opportunity for students, blockchain companies and others in the ecosystem to create “crypto-ambassadors” in a borough where digital technology is ubiquitous and participation in informal economies are a way of life. By supporting this initiative, you will be known as crypto-leaders in financial empowerment and will help increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies while reinforcing the core altruistic principle of “banking the unbanked.” We will be serving the basic promise of democratization of finance.


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Full Funding

Full Funding

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Funding has been achieved and we can proceed with logistics. We already have the students.