Start Zcash Community and Meetup Group in East Africa.

Background I am the Leader of the Blockchain Club Of Uganda, a blockchain awareness organization in Uganda. My blockchain journey starts way back in 2015 as the Guild Head of My college blockchain club. I have since then worked tirelessly to create mass blockchain awareness in the country and region at large. I have grown vast blockchain connections with Sankore S2, a blockchain startup in Kenya and the United Africa Blockchain Association as we have worked together on a number of Blockchain initiatives in Africa.

Description of Problem or Opportunity Given the high degree of centralization and bureaucracy in African systems and bearing in mind the core principles of blockchain, peculiar to Zcash Protocol, of privacy and convenience, I am obliged to introduce Zcash in East Africa. It should be recorded that East Africa rest greatly on tourism and thus receives an enormous number of Europeans, Asians and Americans on vacations. On top of the domestic adoption of Zcash, I believe this group will equally benefit from Zcash’s presence in East Africa. This is evident in the high usage of crypto p2p payments with many custodial exchanges flooding the region. However, most of them are still inefficient in satisfying scalability, convenience, privacy and reasonable pricing.

Proposed Solution I therefore propose a strategic tap into the market through close partnerships with different blockchain and crypto organizations such as the Blockchain Club of Uganda(which I head) to bring about Zcash awareness in the region. Awareness will be through blockchain events(workshops) and media publications. To this end, we shall also create a Meetup Group in Kampala City for further Zcash Meetups. This will bring potential users especially tourism companies, hoteliers, cross boarder business operators and the general public at large.

Solution Format We shall hold two workshops, one with the Uganda Tourism Board, and the other with Kampala Traders Association. At these workshops, we shall help people download as setup Zecwallets and demonstrate how to use them. We shall also create a group for Kampala City to help us in coordinating further Zcash Meetups as well as a local telegram group to grow keep in touch with the Zcash community as well provide technical support.

Technical approach Workshops Create a Meetup Group in Kampala City Media presence(Both social media and mainstream) Telegram group

Execution risks Community members, particularly the target groups, are likely to take long to realize the solution Zcash tackles which will certainly protract our milestones.

Unintended Consequences The team may be overwhelmed with constant movements to engage the target groups.

Evaluation plan We hope to reach 1000 potential users 300 on each of the two workshops and 400 more through the media. We hope to target and attract the tourism sector to start using Zcash.

Schedule and Milestones Given that we shall be introducing Zcash in the region, we shall have at least five mainstream media stories about Zcash in December and hold the two workshops in January. These workshops will be published on our group

Budget Media Advertising(News Papers and Tv) $1200 Telegram Group moderation for January and February $300 Workshop1 $2250 Workshop2 $2250 Team Facilitation $1500


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