Zeme Team

Applicant background

Ziga and Zipha combined have 15+ years experience designing, coding and working at early stage venture backed companies. We are professional designers and have worked on numerous high budget crypto and non-crypto projects. Check Ziga out on Twitter to see some of the visuals we created for Zcash: https://twitter.com/z_i_g_a

Motivation and overview

The Zcash ecosystem would benefit greatly from more marketing efforts. Our goal is to generate far more short form visual content for the Zcash ecosystem while also increasing shielded adoption.

Short form visual content (gifs, memes, zemes, infographics, price charts, educational graphics, quotes, etc) spreads the fastest on social media. Making viral social media content that is educational and clever requires a lot of creativity, time, skill and effort. We want to incentivize the community to create more content as a way to spread the word about Zcash.

We're creating https://zeme.team — a destination to browse and publish Zcash visual content. Content creators can earn tips by posting custom Zcash visual content (by including their z-addr with each visual they post). It's a tool for anyone to earn shielded Zcash for making fun and educational zemes. No accounts required. No trackers. No fees. No advertisements. 100% open source.

We'll promote and grow https://zeme.team by offering rewards to the Zcash community, NFT communities, Dogecoin meme community, etc. for creating Zcash visual content. After launch, we'll give away $5,000 USD in tips, paid in shielded ZEC, to content creators on https://zeme.team.

Technical approach

The https://zeme.team website will include the following capabilities:

  • Browse a "never ending" scrolling feed of all Zcash visual content.
  • Toggle between Trending and Latest Zcash visual content.
  • Fully desktop and mobile responsive friendly.
  • Post new content and include a z-addr to receive shielded tips for your work.
  • Content detail pages (a direct url for each piece of content that displays the zeme image in full-size and outputs the description )
  • Easy tipping (simply scan a z-addr QR code and send a payment from the wallet of your choice)
  • Easy sharing (easily share any Zcash visual content to twitter)

Execution risks

We set a very high bar for design and UX. The design phase will not end until we're truly impressed with what we've created. We will go above and beyond to ensure the experience is top notch. Once we finalize the design, we expect the coding and deployment phases to go smoothly. There are no major execution risks that we're aware of at this point.


Spam and counterfeiting are the biggest downsides. To mitigate spam, we'll monitor the content closely and remove anything that is found to be offensive, contains nudity, promotes violence, or is unrelated to Zcash.

Protecting against counterfeiting will be more challenging. We'll do our best to ensure people aren't stealing art by working together with artists to take down any unauthorized posts.

Evaluation plan

Success metrics

  1. Number of visuals posted to zeme.team each week. We'll keep track of this metric and share it publicly.

  2. Shielded adoption. This will be difficult to directly measure. However, we do expect to generate hundreds of z-addr transactions per month from tipping.

Tasks and schedule

The project will take 3 months to complete. There are 5 phases to the project.

  1. Planning: Nail down the final details
  2. Design: Design the UI/UX in Figma
  3. Infrastructure: Configure in Digital Ocean
  4. Code: In React (next.js) and open-source on GitHub
  5. Launch/promote: Distribute $5,000 in ZEC tips to content creators

Budget and justification

To design, build, launch, promote and operate https://zeme.team, we'll need $55,000 USD in funding.

3 months of salary (2 person team)

  1. Ziga — $8,000 USD per month (project lead, coding, social media promotion)
  2. Zipha — $8,000 USD per month (design lead, UX/UI design, graphic design, content management)

Infrastructure UPDATED for 12mo

  1. Infrastructure costs for 12 months — $2,000 USD ($167 per mo). We'll keep the site up and running for a minimum of 12 months.


  1. We'll tip content creators from the budget funds — $5,000 USD. Paid only in shielded ZEC. Each tip we issue will range from $1 to $20. If a creator goes above and beyond, we may tip them higher.

If this experiment goes well, we would be open to submitting a follow-on phase 2 grant proposal to continue to promote, grow and operate https://zeme.team.

Shields up 🛡️

— Ziga & Zipha


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