Payment Gateway with BTCPay

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Applicant background

I am a software engineer who worked for several major projects including: Windows (OS kernel), .NET framework (compiler and code generation) and SQL Server (Engine / query execution). I was also the CTO of startups and listed companies.

Description of Problem or Opportunity

After CoinPayments decided to go another direction, we would like to repurpose the Payment Gateway we developed by integrating with another payment framework: BTCPay.

BTCPay is open sourced and there is no vendor risk.

Proposed Solution

The payment gateway must be adapted to work with the API of BTCPay. There will be changes in the data model and the deployment.

Solution Format

According to BTCPay documentation, they want source code, docker scripts and configuration settings. The end result will be a package that merchants can install the same way as for BTC.

Technical approach

The Payment Gateway for Zcash will analyze data coming from Zcashd and maintain a database of account and transactions. The GW will also communicate with BTCPay server in order to receive and fulfill invoices. There are part of the system that were built for CoinPayments that need to be modified to fit BTCPay but we don't expect any blocker.

How big of a problem would it be to not solve this problem?

Not having a payment gateway that can be easily added to e-commerce platforms is lost opportunities for Zcash adoption. A significant portion of the Payment Gateway has been built for CP and would be lost.

Execution risks

Integrating with a third party system (even open source) has its risk. We are not in charge of the upstream code and are subject to changes in their API.

Unintended Consequences

None that we can foresee

Evaluation plan

The project will be successful if BTCPay accepts our integration requests and includes Zcash on their platform. The requirements for this to happen is listed on their project page. If they don't, as an alternative, we will fork their code and provide a working distribution.

Schedule and Milestones

We expect this project to last another 3 months.


25 % is carried over from the previous grant that is now cancelled. We have developed the Payment Gateway and was in the process of integration testing when CP walked away.

75% is the work required to adapt to BTCPay.

Remarks 115 000 $ from this project cost is carried over from the previous grant related to CoinPayments (that was not paid) Only 5k is specific to BTCPay.


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9 months ago
Funded through  Zomg logo
Payment Gateway Wallet
Integration with BTCPS

Integration with BTCPS

Estimate: March 2022
Reward: $90,000
The team was awarded $90,000 in ZEC on Feb 9th, 2022, 3:00 pm.
Modifications to the BTCPS code in order to add support for zcash (sapling)