Zcon1 Live Video Broadcast and Recording

Zcon1 is right around the corner and I have been honored with the privilege of returning to livestream the talks and presentations. The livestream ensures that these important ideas are recorded, broadcast and shared with everyone who is not able to attend.

Planning for the livestream of Zcon1 is already well underway. As with last year, my travel and accommodations are being covered by Electric Coin Company (ECC) because of my role in the company as a web developer and translations coordinator.

If that's the case, then why am I creating a ZF grant proposal?

For starters, this year I've purchased new equipment to substantially improve the quality of the video compared to all of my previous livestreams. Since Zcon0, improvements include a new camera, Teradek VidiU Pro, video capture devices (to get a direct feed from the presentation laptop), and the integration of Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) into my workflow to effectively deliver a much more enjoyable audience experience.

Livestreaming has always just been a hobby of mine, albeit and expensive one. As I've learned from five years of doing this on an almost-exclusively volunteer basis, monetization of digital content is a considerable problem that many creators battle with on a regular basis. While there are several options to get support with fiat currency—and an ever increasing number of blockchain-related projects are exploring solutions—there are still many hurdles to overcome.

When a content creator is concerned about their supporters maintaining their own financial privacy and autonomy, the number of practical crowdfunding solutions decrease rapidly towards zero. Thankfully, the Zcash Foundation created this slick new grants program just weeks before the big event! I'm a huge fan of experimentation and this feels like a perfect opportunity to make use of a new tool that might help solve a (sort of) old problem.

Zcon1 is a three-day conference which will feature about 5 hours of video content each day. The market price to livestream an event like this ranges from 500 to 1500 USD per day. The higher-end of that price range generally includes a two-person team, a director and camera operator.

If fully funded, this grant will not only help pay for my equipment and labor, it will also help illuminate the usefulness of this program to other content creators. Additionally, it promises to raise awareness about Zcash and, hopefully, bring new users to the ecosystem.

Outside of this grant proposal, and with the exception of previously mentioned travel and accommodation costs, no additional funding for my time, labor or equipment is being sought after nor paid for by the Zcash Foundation, ECC or any other entity or individual.

If you cannot afford to help me out with this grant, I get it and sincerely hope that you tune-in to the broadcast and learn something cool and interesting!

The Zcon1 livestream playlist is currently available on the Zcash Foundation YouTube channel.


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Zcon1 Livestream

Zcon1 Livestream

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Videos of every talk and presentation at Zcon1 broadcast and archived for later viewing on Zcash Foundation YouTube channel.