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Z Cash grant application

Description of Problem or Opportunity

Zcash blockchain is subavaliated on mainstream, even with the price rising in your history. Great developers, marketers, universities, companies, e-commerce's can use this zcash technology but they don’t understand and, certainly, the majority don’t know this technology, keeping the people in old, obsolete and expensive solutions,
There is a high demand to the services of Zcash, actually, if we considering an big picture in terms of Bitcoin and blockchain, in USA, accordingly from the tool Ubber sugest - https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/ - on research 05/05/2021 We have, on Google search results:

In USA blockchain: average 22000 search per month; bitcoin price today: 2,7 milion os search month; bitcoin: 1,8 million; Zcash: 8100 search per month

In Brazil

blockchain: 6,600 search per month; bitcoin: 66,3000 showing the term on internet; Zcash: 1000

Proposed Solution

I will publish posts series, 6 articles, with PDF and video summarizing those posts to: Educate people about Zcash and its use cases; Show a better understanding and relevant knowledge about Zcash technology to the nations which are using Portuguese as a mother language; Help in creating a brand value among the blockchain and crypto community; Create Brand awareness among the Brazilian crypto community; Explain a overview of the project; Its is a kind of news about this blockchain.

Solution Format

The main channel where I have an intention to create this will be my financial/educational blog - melhoriafinanceira.com.br. The format will be articles, with short videos and Pdf´s documents, to summarize the article.

Technical approach

Blog with 60.000 impressions/ year Average of clicks 2500/year Facebook page with, in the last 30 days, 18,500 people reached All those number without any ads investments I publish the majority of my posts in Facebook groups which totalize more than 500.000 people

Execution risks

Essentially, there is no risks involved. I keep my website hosted in a reliable European server.

Unintended Consequences Downsides

Accordingly with my experience, there is no downsides expectations, and if this happen, it will be treated professionally and quickly.

Evaluation plan

Increase 80% of search results on Google about Zcash in Brazil; Reach 6000 people on social media per month; Keep the attention of readers on each webpage more than 3 minutes; Show Zcash content to more than 70% of all States in Brazil; Reach more than 25k people in terms of page views and 750 clicks on it.

Schedule and Milestones

6 posts with PDF and video summarize; 2 post each month 2 posts with overview about Zcash + 2 posts of technical approach of security, structure, and nodes + 2 posts about zcash as an investment asset Initiate this project in may or june/2021, finalize july or august 2021;

Budget and Payout Timeline

this budget will cover costs about:

Planning and execution web designer graphic designer cost of opportunity digital marketers software licensing

structure costs server, electricity, 18 hours of work

total grant: we are expecting about $2500 dollars

Applicant background

Fernando Pinheiro - https://www.linkedin.com/in/fernando-pinheiro-52253627/ writer, speaker, professor at University in financial education, crypto investments, web developer, blogger who will write the core of contents.

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