Ability to swap between ZEC <> renZEC (ERC20)

Applicant background

Unstoppable is not just another wallet app but likely to be the most sophisticated one so far. The wallet is fully open source and it has been a full time journey for our 15 people team. The wallet provides privacy, censorship-resistance and unconditional control over the assets (non-custodial).

For anyone interested in seeing how it progressed over the years we invite you to check out development history on GitHub itself:

The wallet has been added to bitcoin.org few days ago.

Motivation and overview

We are building instruments for anyone looking for private and permissionless finance. Unstoppable wallet is our flagman product and we building it because other solutions are rather mediocre, non-private or not built per decentralization principles.

Zcash is the only private cryptocurrency which offers way to interested parties to remain compliant with regulatory requirements. We like that. We are keen to add capability to allow users to seamlessly move between ZEC< > renZEC (ERC20) and allow ZEC holders to put their assets to work on DeFi ecosystem. Providing new gateways for ZEC holders to interact DeFi ecosystem should surely increase usage for ZEC and bring more people to ecosystem.

Technical approach

  • step1: research REN
  • step 2: implement UI controllers
  • step 3: testing
  • step4: bug fixes
  • step 5: release to production

Execution risks

  • There may be a delay if for some reason we encounter issues when submitting the updated application to App Store. It doesn't happen often but there is such risk. Should that happen the release may be delayed until we have sorted out the issue with App Store review team.


  • no issues expected on our end

Evaluation plan

Users will have the ability to swap ZEC to renZEC and vice a versa.

Tasks and schedule

  • 2/4 weeks integration (iOS and Android would move in parallel)
  • 1/2 weeks for testing and bug fixes
  • 1 week for release to production

Budget and justification

It's estimated that we will have to put on the task software devs and one UI engineer. As a result, 4 people from our team would work on this full time for about 2-4 weeks.

The requested sum is close to our operating expense. Apart from this grant, we are interested in long term cooperation and see this task as a way to showcase our work to community.

Update (Feb 12)

Upon further research we stumbled upon some blackboxes that complicate the integration. We are evaluating them now and will followup here on Monday.


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