Zcash Sapling offline PaperWallet generatator

Zcash Sapling Paper Wallet

The amount of ZEC in the shielded pool is around ~5%, and I think a big reason for that is lack of proper support for cold-storage of Zcash today. This project proposes to build a completely offline, standalone tool that will allow users to generate Zcash Sapling Paper Wallets so that people can create a "cold storage" Sapling address, where the private key has never been online.

Zec Sapling Paper Wallet Generator

Here's a mock up of what it might look like:

How it works

We'll take librustzcash, which is the library that zcashd uses to handle Sapling, and compile it into a new standalone binary built on Qt 5. Since this will be a native executable, it will work on MacOS, Windows and Linux, completely offline, without even needing a web browser. It will even work in Tails!

The UI will use librustzcash to generate the sapling addresses and private keys, and allow users to safely store the private key in cold storage (or print it out on paper), allowing ZEC to be sent safely to the address.


  • Works offline with no internet connection or web browser
  • MacOS, Windows, Linux and Tails support
  • Command line version to generate addresses and private keys on a command line
  • Generate a single Sapling wallet or bulk generate multiple wallets.
  • Support in ZecWallet to Import the cold store private keys.
  • Export wallets as plain text or as a PDF file.

Funding Details

I estimate this project will take 3 weeks to complete, as outlined in the milestones. The funding will be used to build a new native Application, build librustzcash into it. A professional development team will build the UI, PDF and command line support and all the other features outlined above.

The code will be open sourced under the MIT license, with complete instructions to build your own binaries. The project will cost USD 22,500 (Approximately 300 ZEC at the time of writing)


4 years ago
300 / 300 ZEC
Awarded with 299.49 ZEC bounty
Proposal has been funded
Command Line Tool
Native UI Sapling Wallet Generator

Native UI Sapling Wallet Generator

Estimate: July 2019
Reward: 150 ZEC
The team was awarded 150 ZEC on Jul 1st, 2019, 8:44 pm.
A standalone UI that can run on all major platforms, that allows for exporting into PDF and printing the Sapling wallets, completely offline