Workshop on Foundations of Computer Security (FCS) 2021

FCS presents papers on all topics related to the formal underpinnings of security and privacy, and their applications. In recent years, there has been sustained interest in the formal foundations of methods used in computer security. The aim of the FCS 2021 workshop is to provide a forum for the discussion of continued research in this area.

We would like to thank ZCash Foundation again for the support to FCS last year. This year, we are again seeking up to $3,000 support to offer free registration to student participants. With $3,000 funds, we will be able to offer free registration to the first 60~100 students. (The exact number of free registrations offered will be negotiated with the CSF organizers.)

This year's program will feature an invited talk track "blockchain and formal methods". Prof. Grigore Rosu from the University of Illinois and Andrew Myers from Cornell University will be giving keynote talks. The program committee is still working on paper review and selection for the regular tracks. Last year, there were four sessions of technical presentations on (1) blockchains, (2) root of trust and side channels, (3) information flow control, and (4) formal methods, PKI and AI. Each session has three to four papers. This year's program will feature similar tracks and presentations.

As the organizers of FCS, we will acknowledge our generous sponsors in the opening and closing remarks and on the FCS website. With our requested budget of $3000, Zcash Foundation will be acknowledged as a silver donor at CSF website.

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