Bitcoin Bros ZEC Informational HUB [Marketing Campaign]

If you have any doubts about the questions below, please reach out to Zcash Foundation's Ecosystem Relations Manager, decentralistdan, on the Zcash forums.

Applicant background

Summarize you and/or your team’s background and experience. Demonstrate that you have the skills and expertise necessary for the project that you’re proposing. Institutional bona fides are not required, but we want to hear about your track record.

We (Shawn & Aaron) are social media cryptocurrency influencers. Our main priority is getting crypto related information to the masses by helping educate our audience with their crypto journey. YouTube Link:

Aaron-IT Background Shawn-IT Background

Description of Problem or Opportunity

In addition to describing the problem/opportunity, please give a sense of how serious or urgent of a need you believe this to be. What evidence do you have? What validation have you already done, or how do you think you could validate this?

Education is key. What new users to cryptocurrency in general don't have is a dedicated resource to hand hold them through this journey. This can be a complex space for newer investors and having an outlet that can help facilitate this information through understand each project and specifically the value that ZEC holds is truly our primary purpose.

Proposed Solution

Describe the solution at a high level. How will this benefit the Zcash community? Please be specific about who the users and stakeholders are and how they would interact with your solution. E.g. retail ZEC holders, Zcash core devs, wallet devs, DeFi users, potential Zcash community participants.

The biggest obstacle is time. With some additional funding from a grant not only have an arrangement on the marketing side (for content creation) but we could hire 1-2 individuals to assist with building out our discord and patreon classes to not only help the business to scale & grow, but reach a larger audience while giving a more intimate hands-on approach to each persons individual cryptocurrency journey and informing them of the value of ZEC.

Solution Format

What is the exact form of the deliverable you’re creating? E.g. code shipped within the zcashd and zebra code bases, a website, a feature within a wallet, a text/markdown file, user manuals, etc.

Content creation: We can dedicate a weekly video on the ZCash ecosystem and foundation for a year's time (52 videos total). The additional funding would be for the marketing campaign but would also alway use to hire a part-time employee to assist with building out our patreon which we could give our audience a hands-on approach to how to get integrated into the ZCash community/ecosystem/investing and more.

Technical approach

Dive into the how of your project. Describe your approaches, components, workflows, methodology, etc. Bullet points and diagrams are appreciated!

-Build timeline for released content (52 videos total over 1 years time; 1 video per week) -Set milestones for patreon-related content (at least 1-2 hands on working sessions per month)

How big of a problem would it be to not solve this problem?

We are confident in delivering this marketing campaign to inform our using of the importance of ZCash and keeping all informed of what is going on within the ZCash community.

Execution risks

We do not forsee any execution risks. We release 4 videos/day on cryptocurrency related content.

Unintended Consequences

What are the negative ramifications if your project is successful?


Evaluation plan

What metrics for success can you share with the community once you’re done? In addition to quantitative metrics, what qualitative metrics do you think you could report? We can keep metrics on viewership of the created content along with how many individuals we specifically helped (1-on-1) through educational awareness of getting intertwined with the ZCash community.

Schedule and Milestones

What is your timeline for the project? Marketing Campaign: 52 videos for 2022; completed by 1/1/2023 Creating Patreon content (1-on-1 working sessions): January 2022 Expanding staff: January 2022


How much funding do you need, and how will it be allocated (e.g., compensation for your effort, specific equipment, specific external services)? The budget should match the deliverables and completion dates to be provided in the next step. Convention has been for applicants to base their budget on hours of work and an hourly rate, but we are open to proposals based on the value of outcomes instead.

$30,000 Total Budget breakdown: ~$385/video: ~$20,000 ~$10,000 for contractor to assist in video editing, 1-1 working session to assist with ZCash awareness/education.


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