Add Zcash to Bitfortip |Offer Zcash as an incentive


Add Zcash to Bitfortip | A social reward network that can offer Zcash as an incentive.

2.Project Category

Development of Zcash usage and reach a far greater community

3.Project Description

Birfortip is making use of micropayments in a useful way that makes sense to the general public.

Use case examples below:

Upload a photo with your smartphone (i.e. a dress ) that you saw and liked on a magazine,website, Pinterest, Instagram or out in the streets and you don’t know where to buy it, connect it with a Zcash reward of your choice and upload it to bitfortip so members can try and search it online for you in order for them to win the Zcash reward.

Find a better price for an item/service that you want. Offer a small Zcash reward for members to search for you online. Example 0.005 Zcash reward to find me this item/service for $80 instead of $100.

Find a piece of information on the internet that you can’t find on your own. Post an inquiry along with a Zcash reward for people to find you a certain link, image, e.t.c. When a user registers he will get a personal Zcash address where he can deposit funds in order to be able to post an inquiry with an Zcash reward.

Bitfortip currently has 32.000 registered members and has been running for 5 years.

Each time a new Zcash inquiry is generated it will be forwarded to all the members as well as shared on Twitter and Facebook.

i.e. User A offers 0.1 Zcash reward to find this pair of shoes at certain size and price.

Currently 250 people visit each day the website. Number is expected to more than triple in the next 2 months

YouTube video showcasing the smartphone app

Image example

UI of the app is similar to Instagram so it's very easy to use.

4.Project Duration

Three months.

5.Project Milestones Fund request can be split in 4 parts.

A)Starting working on site B) Finish website implementation C) Implement on Android D) Implement on Iphone

6)Official Team Name


7.Team Contact Information (e.g. e-email, telegram id, social media)

8.Public Address



  • Mentioned in multiple websites and magazines.
  • Reached 32.000 registered members.
  • Acknowledged as a unique concept.
  • Participated in 2 tech exhibitions(Webit at Sofia and At the Next Web in Amsterdam).
  • National finalist at the European Startup Awards.
  • Running for 5 years.
  • Top 10 hottest startups for two consecutive weeks according to startup tracker


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