+ Zincretik : Peer-to-Peer trades over Dark Pools

Applicant background

We are ΚΣ Team, hands-on researchers & developers with an interdisciplinary vision, believing that the new economic system being built can promote big social changes in South America. Putting into practice the evidences that blockchain can provide new techno-social forms of collective ownership and participation, we elaborate research and useful systems using Zcash technology as a privacy layer.

Description of Problem or Opportunity

Moeda.Casa Platform was possible by a ZOMG grant on 23-jan-2021 for a 8 weeks Proof-of-Concept to be implemented over the Brazilian Central Bank new System (starting November'21) called PIX. We elaborated a smart solution described here allowing Brazilians with any Bank account to acquire a multitude of cryptos in the most private way.

While the first unknown user did a full process to acquire some unknown crypto on 2021-03-16 from our Liquidity Providers, having it swapped directly from the ZEC Pool, much more work had to be done involving calculating slipages, Pix Refunds, UX, DevOps, running a full Zcash node and Tor. We also started to developed a message-oriented architecture using the ZEC MEMO fields to control the Dark Pool we call Zinkretik, but funds went over a long time ago to keep working on it.

You can watch a 40m Deep Dive video here.

Proposed Solution + Technical approach

We described here a list of things to be finished and a better approach to enhance the security of our Liquidity Providers using Zinkretik.

Solution Format

  • a docker image with a Zcash node and Zinkretik, so it can easily be deployed and adapted into other projects.
  • a Twitter bot controlled by it, as a proof-of-concept.
  • v1, making the ztep from a working proof-of-concept to a product, beyond the small telegram community using it today.
  • A article about this work done, enabled by ZOMG.

How big of a problem would it be to not solve this problem?

Every time a new Zpublish, Zecpages, Ziga, Moeda or projects willing to use Zcash technology wants to prototype, they have to build their infrastructure from scratch and/or trust untrustable third-parties nodes to operate. We are open-sourcing our small smart solution for future projects fast prototyping and experimentation.

About Moeda, as we shared before, we believe Zcash, Privacy and Security as a whole should be more part of the conversation in Brazil, while crossing the big revolutions we are seeing. Moeda could take this role.

Execution risks

Doing Software is lots about managing complexity. Last time we expected to work for 2 months and could not forehand the amount of work for a well done prototype, sharing very small resources with UX Dev and collaborators, not counting the many tests paying miners and transfers, while first expecting to focus mostly on the Dark Pool backend. Now, most of the risks are well known, and not having to work 12h/day to do it in 8 weeks. We also have requested a simple $5 server just for the web app, but with all the nodes and Tor we are paying 4 times more from our pockets since then.

Unintended Consequences

Our main worry is the unexpected usages of Moeda, as a Peer-to-Peer DarkPool, having legal consequences for the Liquidity Providers. Time will tell.

Schedule for a 5 months Project


  • We really wanna go back to work ASAP on our TODO list of open tasks at Moeda! (and have families to feed)
  • Websockets and MessageQueues!


  • Dev & Tests, Test & Dev!


  • Zincretik as a docker image!
  • Twitter bot!
  • Prepare for the masses!


  • Publish at cointelegraph!
  • Analyse, fix and enhance.


  • Little Break, after a crazy year, please.


  • Experiment a Treasury Tax for self-funding and stop depending on ZOMG


  • 2 devs working for 5 months (paying collaborators like the UX Dev from their pockets) : 4200 * 2 * 5 = 42000
  • + one-time payment for a robust server at ssdnodes for 240

= $42240


Tips Received
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