Promotion of Zcash via custom parachuting main canopy

I am a USPA licensed skydiver who loves Zcash, and I'm also a holder since block 1.

I fully believe in protecting privacy in a world where our privacy continues to be invaded against our will, and I think the Zcash team is the best equipped to give the world the tools we need.

I want to promote Zcash everywhere I go, but mostly in skydiving, because it is such a niche market. It would market very well. I have a photographer who could take pictures of me in the sky, and I also have a gopro equipped to my helmet to film everything, as well as an optional 360 camera (Insta 360 ONE X)

Here is a link to my Twitter with some example footage, Twitter kills the quality of the video though so be aware that I will be able to provide hi quality videos elsewhere.

I skydive from 14,000ft every weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, averaging 10 jumps a weekend

People would also love the joke that "crypto needs a parachute to stop the dumping" because of the overall crypto bear market has effected every crypto coin marketcap negatively.

I currently fly a Sabre 2 150 , which is a high performance canopy. New from the manufacturer (Performance Designs) they are $2400 USD, and a little bit more to add a custom design, this can range from $100-$2000 extra depending on design.

A full fledged tiger or lion, across the whole canopy, in high detail, could cost as much as the canopy itself. However, something as simple as the Zcash logo with the white, orange/yellow, and black would not cost that much. So I am asking for a little bit more than the cost of the canopy. Manufacturing time can be a couple months, depending on how many orders they have queued.

Thank you for reading my proposal.



3 years ago
21.47 / 85 ZEC
Proposal didn’t get funded
Order will be submitted if funds granted

Order will be submitted if funds granted

Reward: 85 ZEC
High quality pictures/video of parachute maneuvering work for promotional purposes.