Zecwallet Maintainance and Cloud Computing Costs


Zecwallet's family of products have seen regular maintenance, bug-fix and security releases for over a year, thanks to a previously funded contract that supported Zecwallet's operating costs until Dec 2019. This grant is intended to cover ongoing maintenance (bugfixes, security releases and cloud computing costs) for Zecwallet's family of products from Jan 2020 to Sep 2020.


This grant supports the maintenance and continued releases of Zecwallet's family of products, which consist of:

  • Zecwallet FullNode
  • Zecwallet Lightclient and Zecwallet Lightclient Library/CLI
  • Zecwallet Android Companion App
  • ZecPaperWallet
  • Wormhole Service for Zecwallet Companion Apps
  • LightwalletD service for Zecwallet lightclients.

It covers all updates and maintenance, including:

  • Bugfixes and other minor feature requests
  • Security fixes
  • Keeping up with upstream Zcash protocol changes and zcashd releases
  • AWS server hosting costs for Wormhole service for companion apps
  • AWS server hosting costs for LightwalletD service for Companion Apps.


The funding covers 9 months from Jan 2020 to Sep 2020. If, after Oct 2020, a 'Major Grants' component is available from the Dev Fee for Zcash, Zecwallet will apply for a slice of the Major Grants to support ongoing feature and maintenance work for Zecwallet.

The maintenance costs are: $1800 / month, broken down as:

$1500: Development and code maintenance costs
$160: 2x AWS large instances for zcashd and lightwalletD (primary + backup) and wormhole service
$140: AWS bandwidth costs (approx 25GB / month)

Total: $1800 * 9 months = $16,2000


The Zecwallet family of products will be fully supported and maintained, along with the Wormhole service and LightwalletD service for mobile and light clients.


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2 years ago
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Tranche 1
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Tranche 2

Estimate: May 2020
Reward: $8,100
The team was awarded $8,100 in ZEC on May 13th, 2020, 5:06 pm.
June 2020 - Sep 2020