Eternity GameFi Protocol

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Applicant background

me and my team are a bunch of extremely skilled individuals who have years of experience in software development, digital art and block chain technology.

Description of Problem or Opportunity

the problem with daos anf defi is that they don't provide their investors enough transparency and opportunity to generate their wealth or to get fully involved in the processs.

Proposed Solution

we have designed an efficient system which will provide greater wealth generation by providing actual utility to its projects. which will be long term sustainable.

Solution Format

initial website, gamefi system, dao governed models, NFT staking/marketplace an metaverse.

Technical approach

we will utilize blockchain tech and DEFI 2.0 along with NFT protocols.

How big of a problem would it be to not solve this problem?

Execution risks

we will run into some minor issue in early stages of development, with Defi 2.0 integration to AAA games.

Unintended Consequences

there are no major consequences but investors should be wary of the market conditions before investing.

Evaluation plan

after token creation , the defi protocol will be launched. soon after that NFT protocol will also be executed along with DAO governed models.

Schedule and Milestones

Q1 2022 - early developmental phase Q2 2022 - launch of project Q3 2022 - DAO governed game models Q4 2022 - NFT protocol 2023 - Metaverse


We would be requiring around 70k usd. out of which 10% will go to the Dev fund, 10 % will go to marketing, 30% percent will go towards liquidity and 50 % will go towards development.


Tips Received
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