Viral short video to clearly explain the value of Zcash

Description of Problem or Opportunity

The narrative that security is important needs to be made clear and easy to understand. A 20 second or 30 second video can achieve this using easy to understand metaphors, along with poking gentle fun at the competition.

Proposed Solution

Produce and direct the video sourcing talent locally.

Solution Format

A 20-30 second video that can be freely shared on social media.

Technical approach

1 day shooting, 1 day editing. Will source acting talent locally. Examples of video production quality/camera crew etc:

How big of a problem would it be to not solve this problem?

I don't think I've seen anything quite like this in terms of an executive summary of why you need security before. Currently there is no concise entry point to Zcash for consumers amid the attention scarcity of crypto and beyond.

Execution risks


Unintended Consequences Downsides


Evaluation plan

User engagement on the video would be key. The social media presence for Zcash is small, so a goal of doubling followers on the official twitter account would be a good indicator that more videos could be funded to follow. Likes and share would also be a great metric. If we can get more than 1 share per dollar returned we could fund further projects.

Schedule and Milestones

Callout and casting – 2 weeks from receipt of funding. Location scouting and admin – 3 weeks from receipt of funding. Editing and mixing – 4 weeks from receipt of funding. Provision of video files to Zcash for distribution – 1 month from receipt of funding.

Budget and Payout Timeline

$5,000 to camera crew, talent, equipment rental and location. $5,000 for editing, direction, production.

Applicant background

I personally have 15 years of advertising agency experience including video production. Camera person has all required equipment for high quality production including professional audio. We have worked together for 2 years personally. Here's some examples of out work together:

Proposed script


Streetscape of a standard looking convenience store



Man (BERT) in a neat looking blazer and glasses walks in. Approaches counter with a cheesy grin.

Disinterested female clerk (SARAH) looks up from her novel and looks at the man through her hair, unimpressed.

Man looks around the counter and selects a bag of candy.


I’ll have this bag of lollies thank you!


Sure, that’ll be one dollar. Man gets a dollar coin out of his pocket and places it on the counter. Woman goes back to her book.


Oh! Sorry, I almost forgot. Man pulls a telephone book sized stack of continuous feed printer paper and plonks it down hard on the counter.


What’s this? Man, looking particularly proud of himself, teeters on his toes and explains


Ahh well this right here (pills up the first section of the paper) this right here is the transaction when I received this dollar Woman stares unimpressed at the main with an awkward pause. Man not receiving the response he was expecting continues…


…Ahh, yes, and this right here is the account of the person who had the dollar before me…


I… really don’t need to know all that…


Yes, of course, of course… well (thubing through the spool of paper) this is probably more useful… well… this is the entiiiire history of this dollar right back to the moment it was created. Man straightens up the stack of paper and looks very pleased with himself.


I trust you find everything in order


Again dude… I REALLY don’t need to see all this… Cutting back to the shot of the man, suddenly a NSA looking person with a clear earpiece (NED) appears to the right of the mans shoulder


Oh, I’d like to have a look at that… From his left now, accountant looking person (BOB) in a suit appears


I’ll have a look too (looking at BERT) if that’s ok with you


(beaming smile) Of course! Be my guest! Now a small crowd of people has gathered and is going over the paper with great interest

Suddenly a young woman appears to their right (ZARA)


Hey uh… can I just get this drink? The crowd seem disinterested in her…


Sure, that’s 1 dollar Young woman pays the dollar


Thanks… Seeya! The crowd continues to pour over the paper feed discussing


You wouldn’t make your bank statements public, so why accept any less on the blockchain. Zcash is the leading privacy cryptocurrency for fast, secure, and private transactions. Zcash logo appears over the video

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