Privacy/Freedom Novel as Manifesto

If you have any doubts about the questions below, please reach out to anyone on the ZOMG on the Zcash forums.

Applicant background

I am an author published by a major house. Credentials or samples available privately as this project will be completed under a pseudonym.

Description of Problem or Opportunity

Zcash/ECC white page determined a need for quality fiction exploring themes of privacy and freedom.

Proposed Solution

As we go through our days we are influenced by television, social media, the music we listen to, and the information we gather through our senses, all seemingly random, all nudging us forward as if by fate. What if all these micro-nudges suddenly became hyper-apparent? You’d be one of the few people wide awake in a world of souls hypnotized, triggered, and locked in an externally driven motivation machine fueled by addiction and extortion, made possible by a systematic multileveled gross violation of privacy. What powers run this machine and to what end? How did you wake up? And if you plainly saw your world sleepwalking to the beat of an unknown drummer what, if anything, could you do about it?

This is the conflict of the protagonist in a (proposed) short, plainly written novel, detailing a journey from enmeshment in a dehumanizing pervasive system of surveillance and manipulation to individual freedom. I’m always open to edits and suggestions throughout the text, as the work will be wasted if we are not both pleased with the product. I leave to you whether or not I directly name Zcash/cryptocurrency or use broader metaphors.

I do have some concerns that, in the past, my artistic instincts have been misinterpreted and appeared to come up against the sensibilities of some members of the community. This is, of course, to be expected. However, I think it would be in everyone’s best interest if I am paired with a small, trusted volunteer editorial committee to assure that my work adequately reflects Zcash/ECC’s best knowledge and intentions. You all have been in the privacy game much longer and deeper than I have, and I would like to rely on that experience and judgement.

While I feel well up to the task of the writing—even the publishing, if necessary—of such work, I’m not a publicist or distributor, so when the time comes, this task would need to be handled by the community or someone other than me. I agree to participate in promotions, provided I am not expected to be an expert on anything beyond the writing.

Let me know if this is the type of creative writing project you are looking to sponsor, as per your white page, and if we might come to an agreement for its execution.

                Most sincerely in all save the pseudonym which follows,

                                    T. Coverly

Solution Format

Short (under 200p., target 120) novel in near cinematic form, ready for animation or video production if that would serve future use. Sadly, readers grow scarce.

Technical approach

I will sit and write until the story is told and then I will rewrite until my Zeditors are satisfied with the product, stopping short of abuse.

How big of a problem would it be to not solve this problem?

I find that there are benefits to having a hand in the narrative. I think the idea is that story creates a modern mythology/metaphor around the day's challenges, in this case surveillence , privacy and media manipulation, so people are inspired to find creative solutions and the courage to explore them.

Execution risks

At the completion of the work, my team would reapply for the funding for marketing if we decided the most decentralized distribution route forward would be independent publishing.

Unintended Consequences

I'm not sure about this one. Stories are words, and words always seem to wrangle up mischief.

Evaluation plan

I'd rely on editorial volunteers for evaluation.

Schedule and Milestones

I'd like to have an outline in 6 weeks, draft ready in 8 months (this is a conservative estimate). 2nd draft in 10, Finished copy within 2 additional months, depending on editor's gauntlet.


Collect in installments, weighted towards the finish. This is negotiable. Writing is time intensive and this is a labor of love and conviction, which I would be proud to complete.


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