Zcash Mini-Documentary & Educational Series

Long-form Proposal

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Description of Problem or Opportunity

The general public does not know about Zcash, zero-knowledge proofs, the Zcash community, or how Zcash and its underlying technology applies to their lives. Beyond the problem of a lack of awareness, there is a steep learning curve for those that are interested in educating themselves about Zcash, which limits Zcash’s goal of being accessible to all. Finally, although information and discussion regarding Zcash development has a high level of transparency on the forums, this is not a translatable or approachable form of media for the wider public and casual Zcash users.

Proposed Solution

To overcome the lack of awareness about Zcash, help new and existing users better understand Zcash current and future uses, and increase transparency in the Zcash development process, we propose a multi-tiered informational video campaign.

Tier 0: A single 10-15 minute documentary that serves to introduce the wider public to Zcash. We aim to incorporate Masterclass level quality interviews (with prominent Zcash community members) with stylized minimalistic animation to inform and excite the general public about Zcash.

Tier 1: An educational series 6 videos in length (~10 min. per video) that focuses on various aspects of Zcash such as internet privacy, blockchain, zero-knowledge proofs, governance, etc. In the format of Nerdwriter1’s content, these videos aim to deep dive into interesting topics.

Tier 2 and 3: To be discussed if Tier 0/1 completed and well-received. Please see long-form proposal.

Solution Format

mp4 files

Technical approach

We are a top-to-bottom production house (development, production, and post-production), creating cinema quality content at a handheld price. We believe storytelling is the most powerful way to motivate change, so we strive to be a part of the community that inspires a sustainable future and more socially conscious society.

How big of a problem would it be to not solve this problem?

We believe that without easily understandable introductions to Zcash, it may not reach large scale adoption.

Execution risks

An important execution risk is the dependency on interviewees to agree to be interviewed to obtain enough video content for the different Tiers of our campaign.

Unintended Consequences Downsides

By putting different people front and center in our videos (especially Tier 0 and 1), we risk unintended downsides if anyone featured were to have something extremely negative in their history or future come to light.

Evaluation plan

We will solicit feedback from interested community members (e.g., ZOMG board) during the scripting and post-production phases of the different Tiers to help evaluate and improve our work. Once finalized videos are distributed, evaluation metrics include: community feedback, engagement numbers for posted videos (i.e., likes, shares, views), etc.

Schedule and Milestones

Month 1

-Development for Tier 0 & 1 videos.

Month 2

-Production for Tier 0 & 1 videos.

Month 3

-Post-production for Tier 0 video

Month 4-6

-Post-production for Tier 1 videos

…and beyond

-Submit proposal for Tier 2/3 videos

Budget and Payout Timeline

As established by the various film production unions, labor works on a 10-hour-day rate and pay typically ranges from ~$500-3,000/day for each laborer depending on role and experience. As believers in ZEC, our team have all agreed to work for the minimum $500/day for all laborers (except animation at $700/day) - discounted prices are noted on quotes below. Specific payouts are outlined in the Milestones section.

Tier 0 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fNV3vY2SbppBB076RB5KxTwK5aAgpdcU/view?usp=sharing

Tier 1 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jWq4Dd7ln8ZnDhW_ckvZaGuv4FSWHaC8/view?usp=sharing

Applicant background

37 Laines - Production Company

37 Laines is an award winning film production company run by Natasha Mynhier and Jeff Hammerton. Out of our offices in Santa Monica, CA and Denver, CO, 37 Laines produces high quality creative work for clients across the US, including branded content, commercials, short films, music videos, digital content, web-series, live events, and documentaries.

David Boyer - Project organizer, Writer

David is a scientist currently studying neurodegenerative diseases at UCLA, where he recently received his PhD. He has experience in managing technically demanding projects involving multiple interdisciplinary partners, as well as coordinating and executing long-term research grants. David has co-authored 20+ academic articles and is practiced in relaying detailed scientific information to general audiences.


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Milestone 1: Tier 0/1 Development
Milestone 2: Tier 0/1 (Pre) Production
Milestone 3: Tier 0 Post-production
Milestone 4: Tier 1 Post-production (1)
Milestone 5: Tier 1 Post-production (2)
Milestone 6: Tier 1 Post-production (3)
Milestone 7: Tier 1 Post-production (4)
Milestone 8: Tier 1 Post-production (5)
Milestone 9: Tier 1 Post-production (6)

Milestone 4: Tier 1 Post-production (1)

Estimate: February 2022
Reward: $12,480.84
Deliverables: Rough cuts of first Tier 1 video (1/6) ready for review, Final cuts of first Tier 1 video ready for distribution.