Applicant background

I've been a website developer for over ten years focused on deploying small and medium size websites build with the Joomla content management system. Demo of the current stage of development: https://vimeo.com/599416176/2510f0dec8

Description of Problem or Opportunity

Challenges: 1) Access Zcash through an internet connected device with a browser from a website wallet. 2) Allow Joomla internet users to integrate Zcash into websites with easy pre-build tools. .Opportunity: I1) Increase Zcash Usability by making a website wallet. 2) Allow Zcash users to use Zec through an internet browser with a website wallet. The website wallet is focused on the Joomla internet community. There have been 100 million joomla downloads & millions of current websites which use Joomla to power their website. I want to build a website wallet which helps build tools for this user base to use Zcash.

Proposed Solution

1) Publish all content in this proposal free to access from https://zecwebsite.com 2) Deliver a free downloadable opensource backup file which internet users can use to restore a pre-build joomla-website-zcash-wallet which powers Zcash. This builds a bridge between the Zcash community with the large Joomla internet community to use and be introduced to Zcash.

Solution Format

Development Plan includes: 1) Redesign the native Zcash wallet to better suit an internet website wallet. 2) Develop a complete joomla backup file for free download and easy installation. 3) Develop a better understanding of the cloud infrastructure needed for and optimal web wallet deployment. 4) Better understand the deployment of Zcash payment disclosure for future web wallet shop intergration.

Good to have: 1) A native joomla Zcash component and supporting modules & plugins 2) A native custom template for the Joomla community 3) Support Unified Addresses when NU5 is released 4) A native backup solution for the web wallet

Technical approach

0) Build a team of one web developer, brand designer, cloud architect 1) Collaborate with ECC developers & designers 2) Have a full independent code audit before release 3) Target both Joomla 3.10 & joomla 4 releases Design Approach: 1) Focus on creating an easy deployment process for website developers 2) Create a simple user experience design 3) Implement Zcash network upgrade five updates for the web wallet 4) Perform user studies to validate design decisions as well as the installation process

How big of a problem would it be to not solve this problem?

Zcash needs to increase the utility of the software. Not allowing users to connect to Zcash through an internet browser is missing one of the largest components of the digital age. We as a community need to build these tools.

Execution risks

Legal issues with deploying opensource & free software for website wallets, Delays due to unforeseen challenges during development, Difficulty in understanding the trade-offs in providing Zcash privacy features to a website wallet

Unintended Consequences

1)Targeting only the Joomla internet community 2) User data leaks from using web wallet. 3) Cost overruns in acquiring technical experts.

Evaluation plan

1) Number of downloads of website wallet. 2) Number of zecwebsite visits 3) number of zcash community forum posts and questions

Schedule and Milestones

Stage One: hiring a web developer, brand designer, contract cloud architect, publish zecwebsite.com, conduct user experience of earlier website wallet Stage Two) complete website code, complete design UX, complete code audit, publish backup file for free download


$5600 (80 hrs / $70 per hr) brand design, $5000 (40 hrs / $125 per hr) cloud architect, $85000 (1000 hrs / $85 an hr) web developer, $10000 Cloud environment, $8000 code audit, $25000 (1800 hrs / $14 hr) project management. Total $138600


Tips Received
Accepted without fundingThis proposal has been posted publicly, but isn't being funded by the Zcash Foundation.


10 months ago
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