Zcash @ Harvard Graduate School of Design Summer

ZF Grant Proposal Outline


Scholarship grant to attend Harvard Graduate School of Design’s summer program, effectively one of the first collaborations of its kind between the worlds of decentralized, privacy-centric economy and design academia, for equitable, inclusive, and prosperous communities in emergent economies with cryptocurrency. The Harvard GSD program will take place in Cambridge, MA.

All to be in coherence with foundational Zcash Values + Mission of "dedication to building internet payment and privacy infrastructure for the public good".


  • Translating observations around crypto especially as MoE (means of exchange) into visual + spatial language

  • Producing artifactual content relevant to protocols for secure, cryptographic social payments within worldly environments

  • Improving and increasing understanding of the linkages between the contexts of built environments and economic freedom, social payment adoption, sound currency access, privacy protection, and poverty alleviation for civic wellbeing

  • Drawing on iterative model-making to be useful to apply to areas of interest like local and regional currencies, social dividends, or zero-knowledge communal wealth (ie. verifiable encrypted commons data)

  • Investigating tools to improve and grow the potential impact of privacy-focused digital currency as measured in metrics like daily volumes and/or stability indexes in innovative ways via channels such as public infrastructure

  • Generating insights to open further spaces + avenues for research and multiscalar prototyping

These are some examples of past student GSD work with public natural capital resources of income, community equity, inclusive economic development, and regional long-term building solutions.

Imagining either a) Zcash as integrated within research practice such as this, or b) generating other further avenues for applied user research in Zcash’s technical development roadmap specifically, are simply some initial, potential ideas.

In similar veins, the work of the Open Money Initiative and the Human Rights Foundation Privacy Research for example, most definitely serve as benchmarks for inspiration and quality for this collaboration.

Program duration: six weeks from June 17 - July 26

Resources Needed

Total needed: 85 ZEC


  • Current rate (source: coinmarketcap, 25 may 2019): 1 ZEC = 0.00906315 BTC = $72.72 USD
  • Costs directly given from Harvard for i) Tuition, ii) Studio material, and iii) Housing
  • Milestone/payouts will be set-up according to payment schedule for the program, so the majority 95+% will need to be up-front, with remaining <5% funds upon successful completion + confirmed all material in repo no later than 12 August 2019


My name is Gabrielle and my hybrid profile touches spheres in design, technology, and impact. I’ve dabbled in entrepreneurial experiments, and previously worked in design studios and creative firms. I've been interested in open finance since around 2013, and most recently collaborated with teams specifically in the decentralized tech ecosystem. I was involved in projects like doing a remote "web 3.0" workshop in Palestine and building a classroom + crypto campaign for a school in South Africa. I participated in the spring IDEO CoLab makeathon in the Open Financial Systems/Distributed Web track. In 2018 I also audited a blockchain developer academy program, entirely made possible by passing a technical assessment to earn full scholarship. I received a B.A. summa cum laude in Philosophy, and earned certificates in Emotional Design and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) via the Interaction Design Foundation, as well as certification in Experience (UX) Research & Strategy from Designlab. I’m passionate about re/decentralization, co-liberation, open-source, sustainability, and inclusion.

Everything I've been able to accomplish has been thanks to others and their support, for which I'm eternally grateful. And my deep gratitude for the community support in making this opportunity possible shall be no different.


Grant recipient will be responsible for the following:

  • Documenting the experience in both written and multimedia form
  • Stewarding the Zcash community investment with the scholarship grant
  • Ensuring high-quality output in line with both Harvard GSD excellence + Zcash core ethos
  • Producing artefacts of relevance and intended added-value to the Zcash community


  • Final synthesis paper of distilled material for Zcash, with abstract summary visuals
  • Images, writings, sketches, etc of both mixed coursework and experience documentation
  • All material to be open-sourced in a dedicated public repo


a year ago
0 / 85 ZEC
Proposal didn’t get funded


Reward: 80.75 ZEC
Proposal is accepted and the scholarship grant is funded to attend the program