Zboard - Global Decentralized News Hub


We propose a platform without censorship (e.g. caused by conflict of interest) to anonymously post articles by sending a sequence of ZCash transactions to shielded addresses provided by the hub, by that protecting the identity of writers and at the same time making information permanently available through a decentralized structure.

Also, the whole system will be designed in such a way that the articles hub itself will be fully redundant. We will develop and provide a local toolbox which enables everybody with a ZCash client to fully interact with the on-chain hub.

Technical approach

**High-level architecture approach **

Core feature of our approach should be the redundancy of the website itself. It will be merely a frontend to some encrypted area inside the ZCash blockchain. Therefore, it will be fully redundant, as all the functionality (submitting/reading of articles etc.) should also be possible using the local tools/libraries we provide. Together with a local ZCash reference client installation, the local toolset will provide all necessary features for submitting and reading articles, but also to sign and verify messages.


  1. Revive ZBoard (4 weeks)
  • Backend development and server platform (e.g. creation of shielded addresses and viewing keys, database work etc.)
  • Updating to current zcash version and viewing keys
  • Making the project open-source
  • Speed improvements to enable mass adoption
  • New frontend with clean look and feel
  1. Basic interface (4 weeks)
  • Improving zboard topics (e.g. creating a new zboard topic by sending a transaction, so the whole zboard will be “zcash-blockchain-contained")
  • Procedure for users to sign messages and verify message integrity
  • More features on the website (search for topics and posts, up and down vote, basic markdown)

Security considerations

Since the worldwide mobile internet usage exceeds the desktop one, better usability and scalability will only be achieved if ZCash transactions become widely used mobile.

The biggest uncertainty for us is user adoption and the momentum of posts that can be published on the platform, as it offers completely anonymous and untraceable posts of content on all possible topics and areas. Depending on usage and experience, both a trust system, additional usability and UI elements need to be added. More details see here.

Applicant background

Thomas S.: M. Sc. of Computer Science (IT-Security, Machine Learning, Neuroinformatics and Cognitive Robotics), 7+ years as software developer, consultant and manager in different positions in big data, machine learning and blockchain technologies

Kirill R.: M. Sc. of Finance Mathematics (Insurance and Finance Risk management, ECC, Optimization), 7+ years as developer, actuary, product manager, online marketer, responsible for blockchain strategy in a large German insurance company

We have been dealing with blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency for more than 7 years and successfully founded three companies in the last years dealing with blockchain technologies and AI application in financial markets.

Also, we are the authors of the first z-board prototype. 


The total funding requested for this project is USD 15,000

  • Milestone 1: Revive ZBoard
  • Milestone 2: Basic interface


Tips Received


7 months ago
Funded through  
Revive ZBoard & Basic Interface

Revive ZBoard & Basic Interface

Estimate: June 2020
Reward: $15,000
The team was awarded $15,000 in ZEC on Sep 15th, 2020, 1:37 pm.
- Backend development & updating to current zcash version - New frontend with clean look and feel - Improving zboard topics - More features on the website - Making the project open-source