Zcash Blockchain Infrastructure

Application Background

Alphega solutions is a consulting firm established by John Akinyele, an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional. The firm provides clients with solutions for migrating and implementing cloud-based production workloads. Alphega Solutions has been collaborating with Bolt Labs, Inc and Electric Coin Company since 2018 to implement a highly available Zcash full node and lightwalletd endpoint leveraging cloud-based containerized technologies.

Motivation and Overview

This project aims to create a platform (zBI) for operating and maintaining a high-availability architecture that allows for seamless scaling and a failure resilient infrastructure for operating Zcash instances with 99.9% uptime out of the box. zBI promises to provide the Zcash community with an automated and repeatable containerized solution for operating Zcash instances.

Proposed Solution - zBI Platform

The platform represents an environment/framework that can support one or more highly available Zcash nodes/instances. The framework will provide facilities for monitoring the health and state of the instances and auto-scaling to ensure the desired instances are maintained. Each instance in the cluster represents a full-node Zcash and/or lightwalletd provisioned and configured with storage, certificates, and a set of authorized users. The goal of the zBI platform is to support use cases that further the ZOMG mission to make Zcash ubiquitous. Specifically, we fill focus on two essential use cases that will support the ecosystem: 1. Efficient and scalable access to comprehensive historical Zcash blockchain data. This is useful to exchanges and data analytics providers. 2. Leasing private nodes to builders and end-users for Zcash application development.

Solution Format

The assets used for this project will be maintained in a Git repository and will be made available to the Zcash community with complete instructions for implementation in private or public kubernetes clusters or public clusters in the cloud.

Technical Approach

zBI is a containerized solution for managing Zcash blockchain infrastructure in a portable and extensible containerized-orchestration system that allows for automated deployment, scaling and management. The solution will allow for a flexible approach to configure environments that meet the desired need, which could span from a single-node instance (full node and/or lightwalletd) connecting to either testnet or mainnet; to an isolated peer-network (with two or more nodes) fitted for a variety of testing or simulation needs.

ZBI Architecture

Execution Risks

The execution risk is minimal for this project. DevOps/GitOps principles will be leveraged to ensure the environment keeps up with changes to Zcashd and to overcome any inherent instabilities.

Unintended Consequences

Disaster recovery plans will be implemented to replicate to an alternate region in case of failures in the primary region.

Evaluation Plan

Alphega Solutions will demonstrate the viability of this platform by operating and maintaining a set of Zcash full node and lightwalletd endpoints to the testnet sandbox environment using a Kubernetes cluster over 5 availability zones in US East region of AWS.

Schedule & Milestones

Initialization Phase (1 month)

Setup AWS account Purchase 1-year reserved EC2 instances Configure AWS services Setup Git Repository

Development Phase (3 months)

zBI Control Plane DevOps Pipeline configuration

Deployment Phase (2 months)

Implement DevOps pipeline Test and approve environment Release zBI to Zcash community Bug Fixes

Maintenance Phase (1 year)

Operate environment Release Git repos and documentation to Zcash community


Infrastructure Cost $ 40,000

Compute – EKS, ECR, EC2 Storage – EBS, S3 Network – Load Balancer, NAT & Internet Gateway DevOps – Code pipeline, Code build

Development Cost $ 20,000

1 Software Engineer 1 DevOps Engineer

Maintenance Cost $ 20,000

Infrastructure Monitoring AWS Support DevOps Cloud/Kubernetes Admin

Overall Cost $ 80,000


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Initialization Phase
Development Phase
Deployment Phase
Maintenance Phase

Development Phase

Estimate: April 2022
Reward: $20,000
Define deployment artifacts for a Zcash instance - software components, storage and monitoring components Develop and Implement Controller software for managing instances

Payment Request

The team may request a payout for this milestone at any time.