$15k Gitcoin Grants Round for the Zcash Community

Applicant background

Hi, I'm Kevin Owocki If you’re in Boulder Colorado, you may recognize me as the organizer of the Boulder Blockchain meetup. I’ve been in the space for a bit, launching adblock to bitcoin and pytrader back in 2015. I’ve also done some mining, building a mining rig which I used to mine on the ETH Mainnet in 2017, and actually I ran it on the ZEC mainnet launch day.

In 2017, I started work on Gitcoin - A double sided marketplace that connects knowledge workers to people who want to hire them. Our mission is to Grow Open Source and create new economic opportunities for coders.

Gitcoin has delivered $4.5mm to developers in Open Source Software since it's launch in 2017 ( https://gitcoin.co/results )

More on us here:

Motivation and overview

Our mission is to grow opens source software. We want to provide a cryptoeconomic incentive for developers and researchers to contribute to Open Source (which is a public good). This is important, because it allows devs to work on Open Source and still pay their mortgage.

Since its launch in November 2017, Gitcoin has helped 3,759 funders reach an audience of 39,493 developers. Gitcoin has facilitated 48,136 complete transactions to 4,508 unique coders.

We believe that our mission (which is aligned with the Zcash Foundation insofar as we both support public goods), and our traction together make us a credible partner to help grow the OSS ecosystem beyond just the Ethereum ecosystem.

Technical approach

Gitcoin Grants is already live at https://gitcoin.co/grants . Our code is open source and available at https://github.com/gitcoinco/web . Here are some docs on the architecture of our (currently, Ethereum based) solution: https://github.com/gitcoinco/web/blob/master/docs/GRANTS.md

We plan to decouple the current architecture from Ethereum + allow users to contribute to grants using $ZEC. This document ( https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xnLH1dnYWNICH2q4YNjpZo9hll5wD3H5Fzf4kV84xPs/edit?ts=5e946aeb ) provides a detailed overview of the action plan, but in broad strokes, we plan to

  1. allow anyone who creates a grant to list a $ZEC address as a payout address.
  2. if users opt to pay in $ZEC they will be given a QR code they can scan in their mobile wallet to transfer the ZEC.
  3. the gitcoin system will validate that the tx went through , and will credit the grant owner with the funds (and the new contributor.

We have already integrated our product with ETC, Celo, and other (yet unannounced) blockchain networks, and feel comfortable managing the execution risk of this initiative.

Execution risks

We have already integrated our product with ETC, Celo, and other (yet unannounced) blockchain networks, and feel comfortable managing the execution risk of this initiative.

We think that the most likely issue is going to be making sure that the UX is really solid across each possible wallet/browser combination that users are likely to use. We plan to test across ZEC Wallet, Shielded Guarda, Coinbase, BitGo, Jaxx, and Atomic Wallet.

One important thing is to distill down the value proposition of Gitcoin Grants to end users, such that they dont have to read the whole Quadratic Funding whitepaper ( https://arxiv.org/pdf/1809.06421.pdf ) in order to understand the power of Gitcoin Grants / Quadratic Funding.

The psychology of “contribute $1 and this grant gets $100” is what really changed the game for us with Ethereum, and it’s what took us from 400 contributions in Round 2 to 2000 contributions in Round 3.

Here is a mock of what that will look like in the ZEC grants interface:


The two major attack vectors of Quadratic Funding are Sybill attacks and Collusion attacks. We have built tools to handle both, but ongoing monitoring of round results is going to be important to make sure that such attacks are not occuring.

Evaluation plan

A goal of this first round of Grants on $ZEC will be to get over 100 contributors worth over $7k to contribute to the grants round. We did $474k in the latest Ethereum round, and are comfortable with the psycology of this project allowing us to get over 100 contributors contributing to this project.

Tasks and schedule

What is your timeline for the project? Include concrete milestones and the major tasks required to complete each milestone.

May 30th - Approval of Grant June 1 - Break ground on $ZEC integration July 15 - Launch Grants Round August 1 - Close Grants Round August 15th - Announce results, pay out matching funds.

Budget and justification

We are asking for $15k, 100% of which will go to the $ZEC community via direct grants for specific work in the ZCash ecosystem. We do not plan to book any revenue for this grant.


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