User education: t-addresses vs. z-addresses

Description of Problem or Opportunity

The difference between t-addresses vs. z-addresses can be made clear with visual graphics and simple explanation.

Proposed Solution

I created an educational video debunking the myths around NFTs and the environment, which was shared and viewed several thousand times:

Solution Format

I will create a new video in a similar style and format with similar visual aids to explain the concepts around privacy and the need for having both )(compliance etc) and also release copyright to Electric Coin Co for distribution on their social media.

Technical approach

I love making these videos and the response I got from the NFT one was tremendous, being picked and shared up by some very large accounts in the art world. I feel I can do the same here.

How big of a problem would it be to not solve this problem?

People just don't get it. I think the need for educational videos that are engaging and fun is greatly underestimated. It not only educates but builds community.

Execution risks


Unintended Consequences Downsides


Evaluation plan

We can evaluate based on the number of likes and shares. If we can create an attention getting video as I believe I can then we can hope to get 1 share per dollar spent.

Schedule and Milestones

Video supplied and released 2 weeks from approval.

Budget and Payout Timeline

Payout on completion of video.

Budget: $2000

Applicant background

I've been working in advertising agencies for 15 years with experience in all levels of production. You can see an example of the kind of video I will create here:


Tips Received
Accepted without fundingThis proposal has been posted publicly, but isn't being funded by the Zcash Foundation.


18 days ago
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