ZCash Africa Users & Volunteer Group

Applicant background

The ZCash Africa Users Volunteer Team is a students run and students led blockchain enthusiasts run group of ZCash users with members spread across African university campuses. Our mission is to increase awareness of cryptocurrency, provide forums where Blockchain related ideas, projects, programs and businesses can be studied, discussed, and developed. We have organized the Zcash seminars and meetup every months across campuses and cities in Africa since 2018. We have also speaks about ZCash protocol, privacy and decentralized system at several Blockchain and Fintech conferences across Africa. Images from our past ZCash Meetup can be access at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ntScLNN2KfJ7X1UhjfZGtEKjPd7HWG-g

Motivation and overview

Motivation is centered on the privacy and decentralization ZCash tools provide users, as well as the acceptance and openness shows to the project by Africans with large turn out at all our past Meetups Since 2018, we have organized Meetups in four African countries, running at least one Meetup in a month across campuses and cities on a rotating basis. In January 2020 we were in University of Bukavu in Democratic Republic of Congo, followed in February by University of Kara in Togo, University of Lagos Nigeria in March while plan to be in Ghana this April was changed to virtual Meetup due to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic. In all of these gathering, we make efforts to optimize and strengthening financial privacy with technology, focused on the Zcash protocol and Blockchain. We exposed the public to ZCash tools that can help in sustaining open networks, enabling users and everyone to protect their own privacy in their own terms, choosing what they want or did not want to share with others. Our goal at ZCash Africa is to advance ZCash tools, spreading it across the continent among merchants, developers, individual users, etc. We serve the need of individual public ZCash users, ZCash and cryptocurrency stakeholders.

Technical approach

We are used to organized speaking events and invite speakers, organize the agenda and all logistics, market our event through Twitter handle, and provide ZCash tips for participants and ZCash wallet download by new users .

Execution risks

The only challenge that is common experience to our Meetups since 2018 is overpopulated participants that usually trooped into our events, far beyond our initial plan. This keep telling us that Africans are open and readily set to accept privacy and decentralized financial system. We have organized 13 meetups and attend several seminars and conferences to speak about ZCash.


Since this is an event, there is no downside.

Evaluation plan

Evaluation shall based on number of new ZCash wallet download by users, number of new ZCash merchants accepting ZCash for goods and services, number of attendees, attendee response, partnerships, etc.

Tasks and schedule

Since 2018, our Meetup is regularly organized monthly, moving round the campuses and cities across Africa. We have finalized speakers for the April 2020 edition while will continue the marketing push.

What is your timeline for the project? Include concrete milestones and the major tasks required to complete each milestone.

Budget and justification

For the next few months, the $5640 requested fund will be used to cover event expenses, Zoom meeting App subscription for virtual meetups, printing of Zcash merchandise locally, tips for meetup participants, refreshment, giveaways, Meetup.com pro registration renewal, hackathon/blockchain/cryptocurrency and fintech conference registration to speak about Zcash in Africa, etc. As a volunteer users and student group, there is no individual profit expectation or compensation for group members. All funds goes into ZCash tools promotion, marketing and events.