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Zcash is undeniably not receiving a fraction of the public interest it deserves. Despite cryptocurrency being a trending term today, I rarely find anyone who has even heard of Zcash. This is reflected in the online presence that Zcash holds, with communities on platforms such as Reddit being much smaller than crypto with smaller or similar market caps.

Not only does this mean that fewer people learn about the freedom that Zcash can provide; it also means that fewer people will mine, host nodes and contribute to the Zcash ecosystem.


By promoting Zcash using video and billboard ads we will increase the public awareness of Zcash and start conversations online and in person amongst the millions of viewers this campaign will receive.

Solution Format

This campaign will make use of minimalistic, un-skippable video advertisements on the YouTube video sharing platform and static billboard advertisements in prime locations in major cities such as London, New York and Tokyo. Physical billboard advertisements are also prone to social-media sharing by pedestrians.

Technical approach

The campaign will consist of 1 video advertisement and 3 static advertisements (to accommodate to other languages). These will be designed by the project team with an emphasis on simplicity during the 2 week planning and production phase. The aim of this campaign is to increase awareness and a secondary aim will be to direct viewers to the webpage. The duration for this campaign will be determined by the planning phase but an aim of 1-4 weeks is a realistic expectation for the total budget.

Execution risks

The team is conditioned to this type of project and we do not foresee any major execution risks as the planning phase is more than sufficient. Possible minor risks include the advertisement violating advertiser policy. This risk can be mitigated by carefully checking with each advertising platform.

Unintended Consequences Downsides

The nature of public awareness abides to the phrase "all publicity is good publicity". Although, it is possible that there could be a negative public reaction to this campaign, we doubt that this will be the case as the messaging will be consistent with that listed on the webpage and we welcome a review of the completed advertisements by the Zcash Foundation before the campaign goes live.

Evaluation plan

Our success metrics for the video advertisements will be easier to measure and we will publicly report the impressions and clicks that this campaign generates. The physical billboard advertising will be much harder to measure the success of as we will not receive any feedback. A possible metric for success would be searching social media for posts containing the billboard ad.

Schedule and Milestones

The project will take 2 months to run to completion.

  • Planning and Production: Deciding on the design for the video and billboard advertisements as well as the creation of this media. This phase also involves research into the most effective locations for physical billboards and research into the most effective target demographics for the video ads. (2 weeks)
  • Submission: Waiting for approval of the advertisements. (estimated 1 week)
  • Running: During this time the ads will be live. (estimated 1-4 weeks will be decided during planning phase)

Budget and Payout Timeline

The total budget for this project is $27,000. This can be seen as a pilot project for promotion of Zcash and is easily scaled to higher budgets to reach a wider audience. Allocation of budget is:

Compensation For Work (2 Person Team) Harry Robson - $500 per week of planning and production (project lead, campaign research and management) Matthew Cowley - $500 per week of planning and production (design lead, graphic design)

Ad Spending Budget Video Advertising - $15,000 (60%) Billboard Advertising - $10,000 (40%)

Applicant background

  • Harry Robson is an e-commerce manager and will act as project lead.

  • Matthew Cowley is a graphic designer with multiple years of experience in the field.

Both applicants have a passion for Zcash and have worked together on previous projects.


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