More Twitter Exposure - Fresh Memes and Fan-work

Applicant background

My expertise: you can check out my advertising portfolio here: Also I am in charge of marketing and social media for -

Motivation and overview

I barely see any Zcash posts/memes/fan-work on Twitter.

Already worked:

Technical approach

By coming up with a series of fresh-looking memes and artworks, Zcash fans can share (already started) them and give the project an original look in terms of visual communication compared to other crypto who all use the same kind of memes.

Execution risks

I see no execution risks. Photoshop is my friend as well as my mind and the whole online media which can be altered to create new memes.


Not the case.

Tasks and schedule

I already started it. At this point there are a series of 5 posts / memes on my Twitter's timeline (@shortafella) I plan to do this for a month or maybe more if people tip me (although just one person bothered to tip despite the likes and written encouragements).

Budget and justification

The 200 USD worth of ZEC I ask is for my time and skills/creativity.


Tips Received
Accepted without fundingThis proposal has been posted publicly, but isn't being funded by the Zcash Foundation.


3 months ago
Requested Funding
Open for Community Donations