Sponsorship for UIUC Blockchain Hackathon

I'm co-organizing a blockchain themed hackathon for Spring 2020 at UIUC campus. We will allow remote participation for universities apart of the Chicago Universities Blockchain Summit (CUBS) conglomerate (e.g. Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Illinois at Chicago, and DePaul University), and have a target for 300 participants. Currently, this hackathon is being organized by a new blockchain student organization at UIUC (SIG Blockchain, ACM affiliate), along with help from the Synchrony Financial, Jump Trading, Runtime Verification, the Chicago Blockchain Center, Bloq, and Omnium Blockchain. We expect to see interest grow as we continue to quickly expand our network and reach (our SIG Blockchain student organization was informally started just this May). We have a lot of big ideas and plans to make this event successful, thus we are seeking as many funding opportunities for our event. The main event is scheduled for the weekend of April 4th, with two prior workshops providing startup-code-packs. Our student organization is also closely working on a UIUC token/cryptocurrency to be released for the event for further incentive for participants. Expenses for this event include: University staff pay (primary expense -- throughout hours of event, for cleaning and overtime on weekends/nights), food/bevs, hackathon shirts, information/event pamphlets, and likely more that I'm unaware of at the moment. For inquiries, feel free to shoot me an email at jlmaldo2@illinois.edu, or my co-founder David at did2@illinois.edu

Goals, Rules, and Blockchain Verticals
Planning and Setup: I - MLH Application
Planning and Setup: II
Planning and Setup: III

Goals, Rules, and Blockchain Verticals

Estimate: October 2019
Reward: 2 ZEC
A copy of our working document that includes details of our hackathon goals, rules/guidelines for the event, and decided blockchain verticals for hacker participants.