ZECpages Usability Sprint

Description of Problem or Opportunity

ZECpages (ZP) is a great way for new users to use z-addresses, network with the community, and feel ZEC technology in action. However, it’s not super well explained to new users, especially the crypto-uninitiated. Inasmuch as ZP provides a great opportunity for onboarding new ZEC users, I’d like to direct energies into some user research, making ZP as friendly and accessible to new crypto users.

Proposed Solution

  • A site redesign to adhere to modern app standards. ZP was built additively as it found its niche, and needs to go back and polish UX. This will involve user interviews, usability testing, and ultimately a redesign to ZP’s look and feel.
  • Explainer graphics for new users unfamiliar with blockchains/Zcash

Solution Format

This proposal has two primary deliverables:

  • A new deployment of ZP with a redesigned UI/UX and new explainer content aimed at new users.
  • Open-sourced UX research (Videos (if permission provided), transcripts, and notes)

Technical approach

(Marc) The problems we’re trying to solve here are twofold - one is usability/friction, and the other is communication.

First we’ll need to identify pain points in key elements of the flow. To do this we’ll need to set up usability studies and conduct user interviews to get direct user feedback, to prove or disprove any hypotheses we have about the experience.

The next is answering the question “what is the best way to explain how this works?” Communication is a two-way street and how you say something also depends on what the audience looks like. So we’ll also have to conduct surveys to understand who our audience is, how much information they need, and how to present it.

I must also add, crypto UX, from creating a wallet, to registration, is a huge problem facing the crypto community today, and I’m certainly not the first or the only person facing this challenge. The amount of research, design, reaching out to others who are also trying to solve this problem - will take a significant amount of time to design & develop. Will ZP be the one to solve this friction?

(Michael:) I want to deploy a better explainer page to ZP that gets new, crypto-curious users informed and able to use ZP (and by extension ZEC, z2z).

I’ll work iteratively with Marc to deploy entirely new, accessible styles to ZP that make it more intuitive and usable for users.

How big of a problem would it be to not solve this problem?

Right now, ZECpages is a resource that makes zaddrs and the memo field easy to share and interact with for users who understand it. However, when fortune smiles on ZP, and a big name on Twitter (like Balaji) gives an RT, we get a massive influx of traffic, but no noticeable change in new posts or user signups. This dropoff in interest is a huge missed opportunity, and I’d like to make ZP comprehensible for a brand new user.

Execution risks

(Michael:) Making cryptocurrency simple and usable is hard. People are getting better at it, but there’s a long way to go. I think the biggest risk is that a UX redesign and better explainer content doesn’t make a difference.

(Marc:) The biggest risk we face (in terms of UX) is moving forward with improperly tested assumptions & solutions. So I need to make sure my sample sizes for my tests are big enough that they cover a significant cross-section of our current and future users.

Unintended Consequences, Downsides

I’m convinced that a more intuitive app built to modern design standards will make ZECpages more valuable, but it’s possible that its rough styles are so deeply a part of its old-internet charm that it loses some appeal from a layer of polish.

Evaluation plan

What metrics for success can you share with the community once you’re done? In addition to quantitative metrics, what qualitative metrics do you think you could report?

I see a few great metrics to measure this success: MOST IMPORTANT: tweets from new users who "got" what Zecpages is and used it. ZP post count ZP user count ZP traffic

Schedule and Milestones

At the end of July, there’s a Network Upgrade that will require my attention and support, so I’d certainly like to have this all finished by then.

UX (Marc):

1 week scoping + planning

1 week talking to users about current experience + running surveys

1 week analyzing interview/survey data, discussing priorities

1-2 weeks formulating and testing new designs

1 month polishing / speccing for dev

UX Costs - $100/hr

4 weeks user research - $8k

4 weeks design (PT) - $4k

2 weeks dev support - $4k


Web (Michael):

3 weeks to integrate and polish styles and integrate new content

WEB Costs: $150/hr * 120 hrs = $15k


1 month - User research complete, open-sourced - $8k

2 months - Designs complete - $4k

~2.7 months - New styles and explainer content deployed to ZECpages - $19k

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UX Research
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UX Research

Estimate: July 2021
Reward: $8,060
Videos, Transcripts, and Notes from user research