ZCash Service Status Dashboard - Proposal 01


After successfully wrapping up the first leg of service status dashboard which is live here:

ZCash Service Status Dashboard

We are back with Proposal 01 which builds on the success of Proposal 00. In this proposal, we propose to:

  • revamp: the UX of the dashboard.
  • extend:
    • support for communities and forums
    • coverage for exchanges.
    • coverage for trading pairs on these exchanges.
  • build:
    • coverage for blockchain explorers.
    • API support to query data.
  • and educate the ZCash Community and the internet by writing blogs post on:
    • our experience of how we went about getting a grant funded by ZCash foundation. Will involve the processes we followed.
    • why are we building the service status dashboard and our long term vision of the project.

Pre-Proposal Stage

What we did before writing this proposal:

Individual Components Spec Sheet



Team Members:

Team's individualistic capabilities:

  • Prastut - comes from a UX and product management background. On a mission to increase meritocracy and solve equal access to opportunity for all. Github, CV.

  • Aviral - comes from backend development and data engineering background. Currently exploring blockchain space by volunteering in open-source grants like ZFND. Was part of the data infrastructure at Socialcops, one of the fastest-growing startups in India. Current research interests lie in building intuitive and perceptive systems using large scale data. Website, Github, CV.

PoW with working with ZF Grants: https://grants.zfnd.org/proposals/761374418-zcash-service-status-dashboard


9 months ago
0 / 442 ZEC
Proposal didn’t get funded
Kickoff Proposal 00
Week 4 end
Week 6 end

Kickoff Proposal 00

Reward: 221 ZEC
This payout covers: * Previous Proposal Delta. * Tech Infra Cost. * Research + researching UX time spent. * Blog Writing Time