Financial Cryptography & Data Security Sponsorship 2020

Applicant background

Seeking sponsorship for Financial Cryptography and Data Security conference.

Motivation and overview

Financial Cryptography and Data Security is a 24th year-old conference that has focused on system security, applied cryptography and privacy enhancing technology. It is linked with the zcash mission as it promotes and advocates for the use of strong cryptography. In fact, the conference originates from the cryptowars in the 1990s and its historical context is covered well in

This year, the conference has a great program focused on attacking consensus protocols, crypto-economics, off-chain protocols and of course privacy for cryptocurrencies via zero knowledge proofs.

All sponsorship helps us cover the cost of running the event and for PhD student stipends.

Technical approach

Not very technical, just a great technical program.

Execution risks

No risk.


No downsides.

Evaluation plan

It will be a great conference.

Tasks and schedule


Budget and justification

We have 3 sponsorship tiers at $3k, $5k and $8k. All sponsorships come with some free tickets which could be given to community members.

Accepted without fundingThis proposal has been posted publicly, but isn't being funded by the Zcash Foundation.


5 months ago
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