Expand the Boston Zcash OpenBazaar store


Hey all! I run the longest-standing Zcash-accepting store on OpenBazaar, the premier decentralised, peer-to-peer marketplace:


Mine was the first to launch when they introduced Zcash support (back when stores were segregated by coins, and when you had to always run zcashd alongside it).

I also became the first Zcash-accepting Verified Moderator to arbitrate disputes between other buyers and sellers whose transactions were placed with ZEC.

With last year's multiwallet support, any user can now shop all stores and all vendors can accept as many coins as they wish! Mine continues to be one of the few Zcash-only stores, because my focus is on enabling commerce with the future of internet money. 🦓


I want to expand my presence on OpenBazaar, at least doubling the products directly purchasable with Zcash.

This requires investment in acquiring and stocking inventory and packaging; effort spent on taking photos, writing descriptions, calculating shipping, and configuring the listings; as well as promoting the store.

Regardless of any profit attained through the store (currently slim), I truly enjoy facilitating Zcash-based trade and making connections there. This grant proposal is mainly to offset the time I spend on it, and through an effective use of time promoting the store, it will profit our coin's ecosystem.


  • Doubling the current products stocked and offered on my store, from 17 to 34, relevant to the interests of OpenBazaar shoppers, and at competitive prices. *
  • A sustained promotion of the store across numerous social media outlets, highlighting Zcash's use as a medium of peer-to-peer exchange.

If at any point in the future my store were to close up shop, I'll use the inventory as giveaways at our Boston Zcash Meetup.

* For the purposes of this testnet proposal, I'll add two products. I intend to replicate this grant proposal on mainnet, whereby I'll double (triple? 😮) my product offerings if funded.

Ecosystem Benefit

This increases the availability of products directly purchasable with Zcash, thereby increasing ZEC's standing as peer-to-peer, private internet money.

By extension, it also promotes OpenBazaar itself as a fantastic way for others to engage in commerce with our coin.


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Acquire products for resale
Expanding OpenBazaar product listings

Acquire products for resale

Reward: 1.65 ZEC
This helps fund initial investment in acquiring new products and shipping materials. [2 in testnet, 17 in future mainnet proposal]