CodeUp With Blockchain

Description of Problem or Opportunity

Nigeria is population of over 200,000,000 and blockchain technology can be used to develop trusted solutions that will solve most of her challenges, and presently there are no much Nigerian developers in blockchain. Thus, CodeUp With Blockchain will create a conducive and open hub for blockchain workspace/workstation where blockchain developers will congregate to learn, code, create and collaborate in developing trusted and decentralized financial solutions backed with blockchain technology.

Also, the Zcash ecosystem have few developers, but CodeUp with Blockchain will create an open hub for additional 20 open source blockchain developers that will maintain the Zcash software applications. Our goal is to raise 200,000 Nigerian blockchain developers in 5 years that will contribute to open source projects viz-a-viz Zcash and we shall engage 3 professional blockchain developers for 6 months on the project as trainers for the first 20 young developers which will in turn train others until the 200,000 blockchain developers are trained.

CodeUp is housed by WittyHub in Nigeria and since inception, over 300 developers have been trained and empowered with digital skills, see these links,,

Presently we are building to expand our hub space for trainings in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. See our building Projects via these links,, and

Thus the need for CodeUp with Blockchain, which is an opportunity to birth and grow an army of blockchain developers and cryptocurrencies experts that will in turn strengthen the Zcash community and ecosystem. We intend to get this workstation ready for the blockchain developers training within the next six months of funding and the training for the first batch of 20 young blockchain developers will last for an additional six months. It is very key to note that if this hub is fully funded then we shall in return encourage these developers to contribute to the Zcash web/app solutions and open source projects. Above all, Zcash will be on the hub's Wall of Fame.

Proposed Solution

  • Complete our ongoing OpenHub Building Project
  • Design and Equip the CodeUp with Blockchain Lab in-person & virtual learning
  • Engage 3 blockchain developers to train the first 20 developers.
  • These 20 developers will train other upcoming developers too
  • These 20 developers will contribute to open source projects viz-a-viz Zcash software applications.

Technical approach

Execution risks

We may encounter delay in completion date due to bad weather condition, which may affect the blockchain training kick-off time but we intend to engage qualified persons for the job.

Unintended Consequences Downsides

Raising blockchain developers for open source projects are usually tasking but since we are committed to the project, it would be achieved. Also, we intend not to lower the standard of trainers.

Evaluation plan

The number of Blockchain developers that will come out of this training, and the number of Zcash software applications and open source projects that they get involved in, will be use for the evaluation.

Schedule and Milestones

The timeline is 12 months, with 3 months for major milestones achievement.

Budget and Payout Timeline

  • Required amount to complete and paint the building = $50,000

  • Required amount to setup the Blockchain & Crypto Lab = $80,000

  • Consultancy fee = $5000

  • Research & Development = $12,000

  • Trainers Salary = $45,000

  • Total = $192,000

Applicant background

I am an author, a tech evangelist and community manager as well as the Lead organizer of the GitLab Nigeria Community. I have started and grow tech communities in Nigeria as well as organized boot camps, meetups, hackathons for developers to learn, code, create and collaborate together on projects. By virtue of my contribution to the tech communities in Nigeria, I was honoured a GitLab-Hero. Thank you.


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