MIT Bitcoin Expo 2020: Building the Stack

Applicant background

The MIT Bitcoin Club is a student and blockchain-enthusiasts run club at MIT, whose mission is to increase awareness and use of cryptocurrency and to provide forums where blockchain-related ideas, projects, programs, and businesses can be studied, discussed, and developed. The club has also organized the MIT Bitcoin Expo every year since 2014 — a two day conference focused on all things blockchain.

Motivation and overview

Last year was both a retrospective on the previous decade as well as a call to what the future may hold.

This year, we focus on the state of the art of the emerging protocol stack.

From efforts to optimize base-layer protocols and sustained interest in privacy integration to second-layer development and standardization, the past year has brought both incredible innovation and increasing scrutiny.

With a growing developer- and user-base, it is important we build consistent, accessible, and clean tools and experiences. Constructing a distributed, censorship-resistant digital world requires intuitive structures be adopted and implemented.

Current infrastructure (such as HTTP over TCP/IP) communicates seamlessly and allows the common user and front-end developer alike to operate without necessarily understanding the intricacies of sending packets over the internet.

In public blockchain implementations, we should strive for similar outcomes so developers can focus their efforts and users can operate under the assumption that other parts of the stack will work.

We have this as the main theme for this year’s event.

Technical approach

We invite speakers, organize the agenda and all logistics, market our event through our Twitter handle, and deliver day-of.

Execution risks

This is our 7th time putting on the Expo and while we expect it to go well, there’s always the risk of smaller than anticipated attendance.


This is an event, so this does not apply.

Evaluation plan

Quantifiable metrics include number of attendees, attendee response, partnerships, etc.

Tasks and schedule

Our event is set to happen March 7-8, 2020. We are continuing the marketing push and have finalized most speakers at this point.

Budget and justification

Funding is used to cover event expenses, including meals, giveaways, hackathon prizes. We are a student run event, and do not profit off of this.


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MIT Bitcoin Expo 2020

MIT Bitcoin Expo 2020

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The team was awarded $5,000 in ZEC as an initial payout on Feb 12th, 2020, 3:31 am.
A weekend full of interesting talks and a hackathon.