ZCash Service Status Dashboard - Proposal 01 - Revised


After successfully wrapping up the first leg of service status dashboard which is live here:

ZCash Service Status Dashboard

We are back with Proposal 01 which builds on the success of Proposal 00. In this proposal, we propose to:

  • revamp: the UX of the dashboard.
  • build:
    • coverage for blockchain explorers.
    • coverage for zcash specific metrics.
  • and educate community by writing blogs post on:
    • our experience of how we went about getting a grant funded by ZCash foundation. Will involve the processes we followed.
    • why we are building the service status dashboard and our long term vision of the project.

Pre-Proposal Stage

What we did before writing this proposal:

  • We collected all the feedback we got from shipping out Proposal 00. We have tried to address each feedback with relevant answers/links to how we are going to solve for the feedback provided.

  • We iterated through several internal brainstorming sessions to arrive at the final UX of the dashboard, that we think makes the dashboard more informative + user-friendly.

Individual Components Spec Sheet


Team Members:

Team's individualistic capabilities:

  • Prastut - comes from a UX and product management background. On a mission to increase meritocracy and solve equal access to opportunity for all. Currently building a career accelerator that upskills experienced full stack engineers with blockchain skills and readies them for remote jobs. Github, CV.

  • Aviral - comes from backend development and data engineering background. Currently exploring blockchain space by volunteering in open-source grants like ZFND. Was part of the data infrastructure at Socialcops, one of the fastest growing startups in India. Current research interests lie in building intuitive and perceptive systems using large scale data. Website, Github, CV.

PoW with working with ZF Foundation Grants: https://grants.zfnd.org/proposals/761374418-zcash-service-status-dashboard


3 years ago
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Week 5 end

Estimate: November 2019
Reward: 76.25 ZEC
The team was awarded 76.25 ZEC on Jan 31st, 2020, 8:54 pm.
ZCash Specific Metrics dashboard goes live. Blogs published.