Creating a Proposal on ZF Grants

You're familiar with the Zcash Foundation's guide to writing a great grant proposal, and you're ready to create one on ZF Grants. We'll walk you through the process.

If you already have a ZF Grants account, sign in. If not, time to make one! Creating an account on ZF Grants is easy:

Your display name on ZF Grants is equivalent to a username on social media. In the "About you" field, write a brief description of who you are — community member, developer, etc.

After creating an account, make sure to confirm your email!

Next, click the "Start a Proposal" button on the right side of the ZF Grants header.

After clicking through, you will land on this screen:

Click the "Let's do this" button at the bottom for the next step! You'll find a similar button located in the same place throughout the process.

In order to comply with United States regulations, the Zcash Foundation must collect "know your customer" information from grant recipients.

The title is the headline of your proposal, so to speak. The brief is a high-level summary of your project and its goals. The target amount, denominated in USD, is how much funding you want to request from ZF. Remember, you can adjust all of this later if you want to. Onward...

If you're working with teammates, invite them via email. If not, just hit "Continue."

This section shoudl contain the meat of your proposal. Explain the why, who, what, and when aspects of your project, as described in the guide. Give us a breakdown of your strategy and plan.

Next you'll set up milestones:

In the simplest scenario, you have one milestone titled "Work begins," you set the payout percentage to 100, and you check the "Payout Immediately" box. If the Zcash Foundation elects to fund your project, you'll receive the total sum of ZEC right away.

Alternately, you could choose to receive the funding after completing the project, in which case you'd have one milestone titled "Project complete," set the payout percentage to 100, and not check the "Payout Immediately" box.

Multiple milestones can be used to split funding into several payouts, each to be issued when a certain amount of work is finished. Only the first milestone is eligible for immediate payout. Here is a basic example:

In the first milestone, the estimate of 10 days is grayed out because the "Payout Immediately" checkbox overrides it.

This grantee would receive 20% of their funding right away, 40% after the first 30-day phase, and the remaining 40% after the final 30-day phase.

We ask you to strive for accurate assessments of the time you'll need, but we understand that reality doesn't always go according to plan.

ZF Grants only supports Sapling shielded addresses. The payout address is where the Foundation will send any funds awarded to the project. The optional tip address, which can be the same z-address or a different one, is made public so that people can easily send tips of ZEC to express appreciation.

Now you can review, preview, and submit your proposal — or save it as a draft to work on later.