Funding for Zcash ecosystem projects

Development, research, and community growth

Open Requests from the ZF

The Zcash Foundation will periodically open up requests for proposals that have financial incentives attached to them in the form of fixed bounties, or pledges of contribution matching.

Proposals will be reviewed and chosen based on the ZF’s confidence in the team and their plan.

To be eligible for funding from the Zcash Foundation, teams must provide identifying information for legal reasons.

If none of the RFPs catch your eye, check out the list of promising ideas!

No open requests at this time

But don’t let that stop you! Proposals can be submitted at any time.

How it works

Individuals and teams submit proposals against requests from the Zcash Foundation, or of their own ideas
Their proposal is reviewed by the Zcash Foundation, and potentially rewarded a bounty or met with matching contributions
The proposal is then opened up to the community to discuss, provide feedback, and help it reach its funding goal
Once successfully funded, the proposal creator(s) post updates with their progress and are paid out as they reach project milestones

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